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The Top Lawn Practices for Your Lawn Area

Apr 28


There are many traditions that we have in Louisville such as the whiskey and bourbon, the cabbage, black-eyed peas, vibrant derby caps, and of course, watching college football. We have our own distinctive foods, drinks and customs, just as every other state. Our landscapes aren't any different. Kentuckians are passionate about their lawns and put in a lot of effort to keep them to keep them looking great. Landscapers in your area provide you with the top Kentucky methods to aid you in maintaining your lawn.

Mowinglawn mower to cut grass

Properly cutting your lawn is the most effective option you can make. Cutting grass properly can cause a 20 percent increase in the amount of water consumed and an overall decrease in the quality of your turf. How do you correctly mow your Louisville lawn? Begin by making sure that your blades are razor-sharp. Sharpening your blades can protect your grass from diseases and ease stress in high temperatures.


The lawn must be cut at the correct height. Farison suggests that you cut your lawn three inches in height. Be sure to adhere to the 1/3 rule. Your turf could be damaged when you cut more than 1/3 of your grass blade in one mow. It is best to keep your lawn mowed regularly rather than cut off too much in one go.



Each lawn maintenance program must include fertilizing your lawn. It doesn't matter whether you fertilize in the spring or summer, or even fall. The grass requires the proper nutrients to flourish. While specific fertilizers may be applied at different seasons, they all have the vital nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Farison Lawn Care can provide lawn fertilization services to ensure that your lawn receives the correct amount and amounts.


Weed Control

However hard we attempt to keep our lawns in good shape, weeds always discover a way to get into it. There are a variety of weeds. Each one has a distinct growth cycle and may begin at different dates throughout the year. Controlling weeds is a job that can be completed throughout the throughout the year. The use of pre-emergents to control crabgrass is the most effective way to manage the weeds. It is essential to stop the crabgrass from growing. To keep the broadleaf weevils in check it is essential to follow-up with a post-emergent as season gets underway.


Broadleaf weeds may re-grow, as is normal. To prevent growth, our broadleaf control comes with a 30 day guarantee. Contact lawn mowing Georgetown Ky for more details.


Irrigation sprinkler rainbow

It is essential to ensure that your lawn is irrigated throughout the summer months. Your lawn will remain healthy through fertilization. Your lawn will develop naturally without being smothered by broadleaf or other plants. Your irrigation system will allow your grass to stay well-hydrated to protect it from drought stress and heat.


We suggest watering your plants between two and three times per week, with a the goal of about half an inch of water per watering.


Lawn Surface Lawn Surface Control

Grubs, also known as lawn insects are hungry and looking for food. Your lawn should not be their next food source. You can stop the lawn from becoming a mess by maintaining a clean lawn. A healthy, strong yard will be better able to withstand an infestation of pests. Grub Control is the best method to stop lawn pests from becoming a nuisance. We have a program that we call Farison Lawn Care.


The Best Lawn Care Service

We are the top  Georgetown lawn care. We adhere to Kentucky lawn care guidelines and provide a range of services like our Six-Step program which includes six fertilization applications as well as the control of weeds to your lawn to ensure its health and vitality.


The 5-Step Weed Control program includes the pre- and post-emergents required to manage broadleafweeds and crabgrass in your landscaping and lawn. Farison helps you remove lawn insects. Farison provides an Grub Control Program to keep these tiny creatures out.


Lawn Worx knows Louisville lawns. We are familiar with the climate of our area. The kinds of grasses we plant in our region. We also know how to manage the weeds and pests.



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