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Ducted Heating or Split-System Heating: Which is Better?

Apr 29


The most popular control of temperature used in Australia include split systems as well as ducted. What are the best ways to choose the best option for your house? Read on to find out more! This article will cover split system heating, split heating, multi-split systems, reverse cycle air conditioning, and ducted heating. We'll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one and how you can make the most of the heating unit you have.


Everest Air LLC is not trying to sell you a specific system. Heater repair Mesa Az  is able to repair and install both split heating systems as well as ducted heating units. To help you make an informed choice about the best system for you and your family, we'll detail the key aspects.


What is reverse cycle air conditioner?

Before we discuss split systems as well as ducted systems, it's essential to understand reverse cycle air conditioning. Split systems and ducted systems make use of reverse cycle technology to provide comfort all year long.


A reverse cycle system will draw air from the outside, then warm it using refrigerant gas, and then pump it into your home. In summer, the system reverses. It draws in the warm air from outside and cools it prior to pumping it into the house.


Heating Split System

Split systems are among the most well-known kind of air conditioning and heating system found in Mesa. The term "split" is derived from the fact that they comprise two units: one indoorand the other outdoors , which are connected via pipes that include refrigerant gas.

Split systems are an efficient heating option, with low operating and installation cost.

Reverse cycle split-system air conditioners may be installed in a room or living spaces of up to 60 square meters.


Central Heating / Ducted Heating Systems

A ducted heating system or central heating system can provide the best comfort and control of climate all through the all seasons. Ducted systems have an outlet compressor as well as ducts which are situated in the walls, roofspace or in other parts of the rooms you want to cool or heat.

Zone control is an attribute of heating systems for ducts which lets you adjust the speed of the fan and temperature within a building. They are quiet and efficient in their energy usage.

The systems are suitable to heat commercial and residential structures of all sizes. Contact a heating company in your region to discuss repair and installation cost.

Split System Heating: The Benefits and Pros and


  • Install at a low cost

  • Low operating costs


  • It is only possible to use this unit for a single room. If you want to cool several rooms, you'll need an additional unit.

  • Bulky units

  • Reusable after 5-10 years



Ducted Heating Ducted Heating: The Benefits and Drawbacks


  • The running costs can be cut through the use of zones controlled

  • Heating throughout the whole home

  • Quieter

  • Unique aesthetics

  • They usually last between 10 to 15 years, before major components need to be replaced or repaired.


  • Installations can be expensive

  • It's difficult to install on two-storey houses and in small roof space.


How can you get the most from your heating system

There are a few ways you can improve your home to increase the comfort as well as the effectiveness of your heating unit, regardless of the kind it is. This includes:


  • Insulate the walls and floor.

  • Secure windows and doors

  • Winter sun:

  • At night, shut the curtains and curtains

  • Only heat the rooms you will use

  • Stop heat from entering empty rooms by closing the doors


Which is the best system?

It's almost impossible to decide which one is the best one - both have advantages and disadvantages. It's all based on your preferences and financial situation.



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