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Important Tips for Tree Maintenance to protect your property from damage

May 27


Trees are an integral part of any landscaping. They add value to landscaping by increasing its aesthetics and keeping it cool during summer, improving the quality of air, providing shade, decreasing energy costs, and boosting the value of the home. If they are not properly maintained and maintained, trees can cause havoc on your home and family. Tree maintenance is an important element of home maintenance.

Safety concerns

According to the National Storm Damage Center (NSDC), falling trees cause over a billion dollars worth of property damage each year. Root intrusions from trees can cause significant damage to your electrical and plumbing lines. It is recommended that you take a proactive approach to tree care. When trees are properly maintained and trimmed, they are less likely to slide and cause damage during an event. Georgetown Tree Service keeps trees in good shape and takes care to reduce the risk of damage to your property.



Proper trimming and pruning is essential to preserve the structure of a tree. Overgrown trees look unsightly and can attract pests. They also over-shade other plants, and branches could fall over and cause damage to nearby structures. Small tree cutting services close to me have the tools and equipment to regularly cut weak, damaged loose, dying branches to keep them from a risky situation from arising during severe weather conditions. The most well-known tree pruning methods include crown thinning and reduction of the crown as well as crown cleansing and pollarding. Regular pruning improves the health of trees and improves their appearance. It also increases the growth rate of large trees, allows sufficient sunlight to reach them, and reduces the chance of a tree falling accidentally.


Regularly inspect trees for signs of disease or damage.

It is important to monitor every tree on your property for signs of illness or damage in order to quickly identify problems and then take appropriate action. The trees that are sick are more likely to collapse during storms and harm the property. Look for signs of hollowness and decay, leaning trees, limbs touching the power lines, mushroom growth in the soil, low-hanging branches that touch the roof, damaged trees, and branches that cross. If you see any red flags, call an expert in tree care near me to conduct an assessment and determine whether the tree is in need of removal.


Remove dead and weak trees.

It is recommended to eliminate weak, dying, and weak trees from the area. Also, you should consider taking out trees too close to structure. Eliminating dangerous trees reduces their chance of falling during a storm , and potentially cause injuries and damage. A tree removal service can safely take away trees that are showing evidence of decay. Stumps can encourage pest infestations and are a risk to your health. After removing hazardous trees, tree service georgetown can also take care of stump removal.


Be sure that your trees are healthy, and that your home is secure

Homeowners can cut down on time and expense by regularly maintaining their trees. A little tree care goes an enormous way to making sure your home is safe. A tree service professional will manage everything related to maintenance and tree care to ensure that your property is protected. They ensure that the trees remain well-maintained throughout the year and do not cause harm to vehicles, power lines or roofs.



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