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Roslyn - A Hidden Gem On Long Island, NY

Jul 6

Roslyn has a rich history, and this book is a fantastic place to start if you want to spend the day exploring this storied part of Long Island. For a day trip to learn about the history of the region and take a walk, it's one of my favorite places on Long Island.

Intriguing glimpses of pre-war Long Island may be found in Roslyn's pre-Civil War homes. Over 80 ancient structures are spread throughout one square mile in old Roslyn.

In 1644, residents of Connecticut established Hempstead Harbor, leading to the construction of Roslyn. A 1680 structure still stands today: the Van-Nostrand Starkins house. Presently, it is kept in a museum outside of town at 221 Main Street. Another historical monument is a grain mill that dates from 1738.


Major Attractions In Roslyn

The majority of the stores and old, historic homes in Roslyn Pond Park, Clock Tower, and Main Street come from the 19th century, and many of them are still inhabited. The city is dominated by Roslyn's 44-foot clock tower. The late 1800s sandstone building is certain to make a statement. The neighboring Main Street Theatre screens some independent movies.

The journey from the Pond around the whole town will give you a taste of Long Island's pre-Miracle Mile, pre-Rochester Mall, pre-Long Island Expressway era. A great time to come is in April, when many of Roslyn's historic houses are open to the public for tours. Members of our family are frequently surprised by the beauty and tranquility of Roslyn, despite their experience with New York City and Long Island.



During the 19th century, Old Roslyn's "Cedarmere" was home to eminent poet, newspaper editor, and civic leader Willian Cullen Bryant. This palace was erected in 1787 but was later expanded in the 1850s.

His life's effort will live on via the estate's renovated property, which offers Hempstead Harbor vistas, footpaths, gardens, and a mill. One particularly appealing structure is the magnificent mill from the Gothic Revival era. The Nassau County Department of Recreation presently manages the property, which may make you feel as if you've traveled back in time as you wander through it. On Old Northern Boulevard, the word "Cedarmere" is clearly visible.

It's customary to combine a trip to Roslyn with a stop to the Nassau Museum of Art, a charming old house tucked away on a large estate surrounded by beautiful gardens. Visitors may enjoy the gardens on a nice day in addition to world-class art shows. A beautiful area to wander is the William Cullen Nature Preserve.


It's All About The Food And The Enjoyment!

Two examples of the excellent eating establishments in this attractive area are Roslyn's MP Taverna and Besito Mexican Restaurant. Both places are popular eating spots on Long Island. If you'd like a view of the city, ask for a seat on the balcony at Greek restaurant MP Taverna. It's advised to make reservations at Besito, which is another fantastic choice. In this fairly priced Mexican eatery, you'll find some of the tastiest salads, avocados, and other regional delicacies. We often have fro-yo treats from YOLO Yogurt and Sweets.

My Father's Place, a club/restaurant that formerly hosted a broad variety of local and national acts, is one of the newest establishments in the area. This venue has hosted performances by legendary musicians including Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Billy Joel. Even when a fantastic event begins at 8 p.m., you are not required to go back to New York City. With the recent reopening, you never know who could appear.

If you want to get closer to nature, it just takes eight minutes to reach the beach. From the beach, which is part of North Hempstead Beach Park, Hempstead Harbor may be viewed well.


Living In Roslyn

Roslyn's proximity to Manhattan's financial area provides a pleasant reprieve from the monotonous Long Island traffic. You may reach Roslyn without a vehicle by using the Long Island Rail Road or a bus that departs from Queens. The distance between the LIRR train station and Roslyn is fifteen minutes.

You may choose to explore Roslyn, a nearby historic village, as an add-on to or side excursion from your visit to the magnificent Gold Coast houses on Long Island. Looking for a home in Roslyn? Roslyn real estate is always in demand.

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