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How can you increase the efficiency of your solar panel

Jul 24

Solar panels are beneficial for the environment and can help reduce your electric bill However, did you realize that certain factors affect how efficient your panels can be? The materials, the installation and weather conditions influence the effectiveness of solar panels. In this post, we'll discuss about the factors that affect the efficiency of solar panels and how you can do to get the most energy from the solar panel system.

What is Solar Efficiency?

What does it mean when we talk about efficiency of solar energy? In simple terms , efficiency is the amount of power the solar panel produces. You can also look at efficiency by comparing input versus output. How well a panel converts the energy that it receives (energy generated by the sun) into output energy (or the power you get from the panels) is how efficiency is calculated. Contact a solar panel manufacturer in Phoenix if thinking of installing solar panels at your home.

What affects solar panel efficiency?

Both the construction of the panel as well as the surroundings of the solar panel system can influence the energy output and efficiency. Solar cell efficiency is the measure of a panel's capability to convert large amounts of energy. Certain materials perform better than others. Panels that are poorly installed will not receive the maximum exposure to sunlight, which can reduce efficiency.

According to Arizona energy services, you require the highest quality panels to ensure that the efficiency of solar cells can be the highest and you'll want to take every step you can to ensure that you have the perfect environment for the panels.


Panel Factors

There are different types of solar panels and cells, therefore, you must select the one that meets your energy needs. You can also find numerous other options.

Monocrystalline panels

Because they are made from pure silicon They are the most efficient. This makes it possible for electrons to move freely and generate more energy. The panels that last the longest and can reach 20% efficiency.

Polycrystalline panels

Polycrystalline panels, which are made from silicon fragments, cost a little more than monocrystalline panels. While monocrystalline panels have been around for a while and are generally considered the most efficient however, polycrystalline panels remain a decent option and can attain between 15 and 17% efficiency.

Thin-film panels

Thin-film panels, while being the most durable and efficient they are also very simple to install. They typically only achieve around 11% efficiency.

Think about the dimensions of your panel. It's not always the case that bigger is better , since the effectiveness of the cell is an important role. The capacity of the panel to generate solar energy is based on the area of its surface. Advosy Energy can help you with every aspect of this.

Real-World Factors

These environmental considerations must be taken into consideration when installing panels or trying to increase their efficiency.


Although solar panels may still function even on cloudy days however, the weather can affect the way solar panels perform. On days with clouds, panels will generate less energy than you typically get and lots of snow could also be a hindrance blocking a panel's performance.

Panel Orientation

Proper installation is key for solar efficiency. The angle of the panel can have an impact on how well the cells will be able to connect to the sun. Expert solar panel installers from Phoenix are best to assist you in designing and install your panels. This will ensure that they get the maximum amount of sunlight.


From either surrounding trees, buildings or even portions of the roof itself can affect the extent of exposure to sunlight that panels receive, thereby reducing their effectiveness. But, with the right design, these shading losses can be reduced.

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